by Jim Heath (as told to April Heath Pastis)

We had the best time playing in the cemetery not too far from our house. It was actually very safe to play. You could run around without having to worry about getting out of the way of cars, like we did when we played in the street.

So, one night all the neighborhood kids and I were playing games. Oh, normal kids games like tag and Hide and seek.

Well, I was running away to hide and because it was pitch dark out that night, I didn’t notice that a grave had been recently dug and left open. I nearly broke my leg as I fell into the deep grave. I tried like hell to get out of there, cause it was pretty spooky, but every time I grabbed hold of the side, the dirt would just give way and crumble and I’d fall back down.

I jumped and climbed and climbed and jumped, and pretty soon, I was exhausted. So, I sat down and figured I’d wait til I heard one of them run by and yell to them.

I waited.

And, I waited. It must’ve been a good 15 minutes and I hadn’t heard a sound. So, I started yelling for them to come get me out of that grave.

No one came and there was no noise. I figured they gave up.And, I was starting to get really, really cold. So, I sat down in the corner, and pulled my thin jacket over my knees and tried to get warm.

Well, I was bout to nodd off when suddenly Donnie Doogie (a neighborhood friend), fell into the grave.

He didn’t notice that I was there and began jumping up like mad, just as I did, trying to get out of that grave.

So I said, “You might as well give up, I’ve been trying to get out of here forever.”

ha ha ha ha

He didn’t even turn to look at me, he crawled up the side of that grave like a treed cat.

In a few minutes, the faces of my buddies all peered over the edge of the grave.

“Oh it’s only Jimmy,” My big brother David said. Well, they had a great laugh, but Donnie had to go home and change his pants.