Contributed by April Heath Pastis
Steve’s great aunt, who speaks in broken Greek-lish (a mixture of Greek and English), told me a lovely story about how her mother married her father when he “crashed” the wedding.
Back in 1880 in Greece, they still had arranged marriages and Sophia, Steves gg grandmother, had been promised to a man she did not want to marry.
A day before her wedding, Sophia’s brother’s happened to be arguing about it when this man overheard. He snuck over to where Sophia was and took a gander at the beautiful, but unwilling, bride to be. It was love at first site for him.
Through some diplomacy, he offered to pay the snubbed groom for a lossed “dowery” (the best word I can find to describe it), and then asked for Sophia’s hand. A frustrated father of the bride threw up his hands over the whole thing and gave his daughter freedom to make her own choice. Sophia decided to take a look herself and without hesitation completely agreed to this arrangement. (I don’t blame her, from the photograph I have seen, he looks exactly like Steve.)
They didn’t even reset the previously set marriage date. The cake, food, decorations were all the same, except the groom had changed! Apparently they were happy and in love throughout all their married life.