I received this from our Cousin Camille Allen, coordinator for all the Lampley Reunions. Please help if you can.


Lampley Reunion 2017:

Dear Lampley Cousins and Friends,

I had every good intention of continuing to coordinate this year’s reunion on June 24, especially it being the 25th Annual Reunion, ongoing since the days of Bob and Christine Lampley. However, due to the recent deaths of both my husband, John (October 10, 2016), and my brother, Charley Wyman, (May 22, 2017), I have decided that I must beg forgiveness and bow out of doing this year’s event. Dealing with not only the sorrow of losing close loved ones, the legal and business issues that come with being Executrix for both, has cut short any spare time I have.
However, if any of you are willing to take it over for this year and/or the future, I will willingly bring you all the gear that I use annually to decorate (it’s a lot more than all those red-checked tablecloths ;-)), all of my records and email and snail mail addresses, and other incidentals that come with the job.
Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in coordinating this June 24. The Porter Center is still reserved, as I book it months in advance, and the date must be cancelled very soon IF none of you are interested.
I do hope one of you, or several together, feel that you would like to continue the tradition. I have loved doing the Reunion, and have gotten great joy and friendship over the years of knowing all of you, and discovering more of my family history by being with you annually.
Please email me, or phone me: 615-417-3204 if you want to discuss.

Most sincerely,
Camille Allen
(Direct descendent, Radford Tucker Lampley Line)