Those of you who follow Heycuz on Facebook will already have seen this. I recently had my DNA tested and want you to check out your connection to my DNA circles. It’s very interesting who comes up as a match and who doesn’t match. I’ve linked my Family tree as Heycuznet. Unfortunately, due to privacy concerns, Ancestry doesn’t allow me to link directly to my DNA circles. So, you’ll just have to find me doing a search. For those who don’t know, Ancestry’s DNA circle is a research tool that links people who share the same ancestor and share similar DNA. The number of circles increases when more and more people not only get tested but make their trees public. There are a lot of people who show a match who haven’t shared their family tree.

My DNA circles so far are William SULLIVAN, Artemese Eveline GREEN, William GREEN, Elizabeth (Betsy) Cynthia LAMPLEY, Martha RAINEY, Georgette MARTIN, Joel DOLLINS, John Laurens DYE, Mary ARMSTRONG, Leo Burgess HARP, Ezekiel DYE, Walter Gray SULLIVAN, Minnie Bell DUNCAN. That’s showing links on both my paternal and maternal lines.
There are some problems I have with DNA Circles, because of the way they are calculated. Ancestry finds the tree and then compares trees for similarities. Since many of our trees refer to people differently (nicknames differ) some people may not appear as matches when, in fact, they are.
Unfortunately, I have not figured out how to share with those who are not members of ancestry. I do plan to upload my DNA to another site, however, to respect the privacy of others I have to delete those who are not in my direct line. Currently, my tree has grown to astronomical size because it includes all members of Heycuz.

Speaking the size of the tree. One of the reasons I have restricted access to the Heycuz database is┬ábecause the size of it has outgrown the capabilities of my small server. If you want to post your tree perhaps you can do it on FamilySearch or Ancestry. There are some other reasons to limit membership. Despite my pleas, people are “correcting” information on individuals that have been proven wrong or publishing information on individuals who have asked for privacy. Right now, I have no way of locking information on an individual so that this cannot happen, so the only way I can stop it is to restrict membership.

Having my DNA done is exciting and I’d love to have you reach out and connect with me on Ancestry.